Motherhood the Journey

Marlene Sirota

Posted on January 17 2017

Motherhood the Journey

Motherhood is a wonderous journey. A lifelong journey. Some say it starts the instant we learn we are pregnant. Others say when their belly starts to grow and some say it's the moment they feel the baby kick. We all know, there is no denying, it most certainly starts the moment you see that baby's face and hold that little bundle in your arms. The connection is instant and everlasting.

From the moment they are born we endevour to protect and care for them with everything we have. We try so hard, I think at times we put so much effort into the task we drain ourselves, mentally and physically. They fill our hearts with unsurmountable joy. They change not only our bodies but our priorities, dreams and expectations.

Someone once said "The day a baby is born a mother is born"

I am writing from a place of experience. I am the co-founder of this brand and the very proud mother of six glorious, and very different human beings.

In years to come, this blog will take you through a series of personal experiences, trials, and moments of triumph from mothers all around the world. We will also have contributions from experts in various fields.

I urge you to join us, submit your stories, comments and experiences and we will publish them here so we may all learn and support each other on the Journey that is Motherhood.

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