Flutter Flex Vent™

Flutter Flex Vent™

Powerful Simplicity

Flutter Flex™ Venting is built into the system using a triple vent process that works between the bottle, ring and nipple reducing air intake, this allows for comfortable feeding. It's simple to use, no extra parts to clean or lose, making the entire feeding experience enjoyable.

Why proper Venting is so important:

When drinking from unvented or poorly vented bottles, a baby ingests air along with milk or formula. Trapped air in the baby’s stomach may cause pain – resulting in frequent or incessant crying.

How does the Flutter Flex™ Venting System work?

The Flutter Flex Vent starts working when baby suckles, the flange at the base of the nipple flutters like a butterfly moving air through the threads in the ring and then to the waves at the top of the bottle.

Air then travels up into the bottle and away from baby, resulting in uninterrupted feeding, which helps reduce the risk of colic, gas and spit-up, and eases digestion.

Tested performance. The Flutter Flex venting system outperforms other brands

Mii Baby’s Flutter Flex™ venting system, through independent testing shows that more air is eliminated at a minimum rate of 150% over other leading brands. Reducing or eliminating air bubbles ingested by babies and toddlers helps reduce the risk of colic, gas and spit-up.

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