Mii™ Baobab Project & Kids for Kids

The Sudan, Darfur

Mii™ believes in the virtue of charity and makes social responsibility a cornerstone of company values through the Baobab Project, in partnership with Kid for Kids.

Beyond the vast camps across the endless scrub and sand, out of sight, there are families struggling to survive in remote villages.

Mothers are struggling to feed their children and survival depends on water dug by hand. Ground water seeps slowly in, drop by drop, full of grit and sand. This is the water children drink. Nothing is wasted. No one talks of clean water in Darfur - just the desperate need for water.

Since 2001 Kids for Kids has helped over 250,000 people in Darfur. They are a charity that does not believe in charity. They create sustainable projects that enable people to help themselves.

Their unselfish and tireless work is remarkable. For this reason and many more,
Mii supports Kids for Kids.

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