Mii Baby™ Newborn Starter Set

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The Mii Baby™ Newborn Starter Set contains 4- Forever™ Bottles (5 oz.)
2-Slow Flow True Transition Newborn Nipples™ (Patent Pending) &
1- 2 in 1 Bottle and Nipple Cleaning Brush

Perfect for Gifting and Baby Registry.

  • The technology used by Mii Baby™ takes into consideration two of the most crucial areas of infant feeding: First, the ability for a breastfed baby to consistently and comfortably alternate from mother's breast to bottle and back, without nipple confusion. The second being the developmental changes of a baby's oral characteristics. The True Transition™ nipples (Patent Pending) are designed to cover both aspects. Creating a tailored experience for parents when purchasing feeding products.

  • Designed to Reduce Colic, Gas, & Reflux
  • Built-in Flutter Flex™ Vent Technology
  • Triple Vent Process
  • Two Medical Grade Silicone True Transition Newborn Nipples™ Included (Patent Pending)
  • Staged Flow Rate
  • No Leaks
  • No Nipple Confusion
  • No Nipple Collapse
  • BPA Free
  • Mii Mii Baby™ bottles are made with ForEver™ A Product of Switzerland.

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