Mii Sophie la Girafe® 0m+ True Transition™ Newborn Nipples 2-Pack


True Transition™ Newborn Nipple   0m+ Slow Flow (Patent Pending)

Second Only To Nature™

Consistent Transitioning Between Breast And Bottle

Newborn's Oral Characteristics Are Unique To Their Stage Of Development.

The Newborn Nipple is sized, shaped and structured to conform To These Unique Characteristics .

Nipple Is Sized The Length Of Newborn's Gums To Throat, Avoiding Gag Reflex.

Soft Rounded Base For Soothing Swollen Gums During Feeding.

Frosted Bulb Supports U Shaped Palate And Helps Baby Sustain Latch.

Real Feel Raised Surface Bumps Replicate Breastfeeding Mother’s Nipple

Staged Flow Rate

Medical Grade Silicone

  • No Nipple Confusion
  • No Nipple Collapse
  • No Leaks


Designed In Sync With Growth To Promote Proper Oral Development And Good Feeding Habits.

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