Mii Baby™ True Transition Newborn Nipple 0m+ Slow Flow 2 Pack


The Newborn Nipple True Transition™ 0m+ Slow Flow (Patent Pending)

Second Only To Nature™

Consistent Transitioning Between Breast And Bottle

Newborn's Oral Characteristics Are Unique To Their Stage Of Development.

The Newborn Nipple Is Sized, Shaped And Structured To Conform To These Unique Characteristics.

Nipple Is Sized The Length Of Newborn's Gums To Throat, Avoiding Gag Reflex.

Soft Rounded Base For Soothing Swollen Gums During Feeding.

Frosted Bulb Supports U Shaped Palate And Helps Baby Sustain Latch.

Real Feel Raised Surface Bumps Replicate Breastfeeding Mother’s Nipple

Multiple Nipple Holes-Staged Flow Rate

Medical Grade Silicone

  • No Nipple Confusion
  • No Nipple Collapse
  • No Leaks


Designed In Sync With Growth To Promote Proper Oral Development And Good Feeding Habits.

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